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My favorite style has always been the messy, imperfect, ink-splatter, chaotic kind. Which is kind of ironic since I've always been too concerned with overthinking my own work. Like a “my ink splatter doesn't look as good as that!” kind of thing.


I really love Ralph Steadman. He just throws ink onto the canvas and his piece grows organically from there. “There’s no such thing as a mistake, it’s just an excuse to do something else.”




I'm also super inspired by alternative music genres, particularly hardcore, metal and punk. 1970's punk is fascinating to me, I think because I admire the principles so much. It's a culture of outcasts, misfits and weirdos. They don't care what anyone thinks and they aren't afraid to be ugly. They challenge authority and talk about real issues. Nobody ever complimented Joe Strummer on his singing voice. Sid Vicious didn't know how to play the bass. But they were doing something new, different and meaningful.



Also, album artwork.








I started out using "bullying" as my inspiration, aka the things people used to say to me in highschool. (Not in a "pity me" kind of way, but like a "make it your strength, then it can never be your weakness" way. Thanks, Tyrion.)






And then had to remind myself:





Then I decided to write a lyric from whatever song came on shuffle, and try to keep up with the singer. Didn't work so well, so I just wrote as fast as I could.





My pen died.





So I switched to charcoal, which was NOT as smooth.


Then I went back to ink.




(Above: left hand, Below: right hand. I'm not left handed, if you couldn't tell.)





Then I found a pile of pictures that I had printed a few years ago for some reason, they weren't frame-worthy and just collecting dust.



The idea was to write the first thing that popped into my head and not spend more than 30 seconds on it. I definitely thought the pictures would be super glidey, but they were kind of sticky and I had to reload my brush after every 1-2 letters. I also wasn't expecting the discoloration that occured around parts of the ink, but I dig it.



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