New Mexico Daybreak

New Mexico Daybreak - student project

So i just got back from a vacation to New Mexico, and to say the least, it's a REALLY inspiring place. I took the word "Quiet" and tried to incorporate some of the most inspirational things I saw in NM into this class.

What I came up with is the daybreak, arguably the most quiet (and peaceful) time of day. 

New Mexico Daybreak - image 1 - student project



Hey guys, 

I've added my color to this piece. This is my first try at a monochromatic color scheme. I typically like incorporate a few too many colors in my projects :)

I'm stopping myself here, even though I want to keep adding detail. I'd appreciate everyone's feedback on this if you have a quick second! Something seems likes it's missing....

Thanks in advance!

New Mexico Daybreak - image 2 - student project



Well, here we go guys. I've added my textures, taken out the clouds, and done a lot of head scratching. I want to keep working with the textures to integrate it more, but seeing as this is a last day, I wanted to put what I had out for everyone to see.

Let me know if you guys have feedback!

New Mexico Daybreak - image 3 - student project

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