New Leaf

New Leaf - student project

New Leaf - image 1 - student project

Here's the inking.  I'd appreciate any feedback!  I'm working on the shading and flourishes.New Leaf - image 2 - student project

My boyfriend and I just moved out of our house for a variety of reasons: expensive rent, squirrel problems (yes, squirrel problems!), crazy neighbors, funny space and a general bad juju.  We just moved into a new place that immediately felt more like a home and we've decided that we're going to turn a "new leaf" in 2013.  It's been a bit of a motto in the house.

I'm undecided about the swashes and added flourishes, so I'm going to play with it a little more and see where it goes.  Also, I'm going to edit some of the inking pressure now that I'm looking at it more.