Susan Harrington

Lavender Grower and Artist



New Instagram account

Week Two Update -- August 26
Instagram ~~ GardenShedStudio

Update/Learning Points/Surprises

  • I'm continuing to post once a day and making sure that I engage with followers.
  • It continues to be somewhat time consuming but I found learning the system helps me be more efficient with my time.
  • Tracking the insights is especially helpful in guiding my posting schedule.
  • I'm surprised at the engagement of a few special followers and the cooperative sharing and support.


Week One Update -- August 19 
Instagram ~~ GardenShedStudio

  • I managed posting once a day about the same time (within an hour or two)
  • I'm working on a website just for my artwork so just FB link for the time being
  • Being creative with the photos for me is simply making sure they're sharp and reflect the true colors as much as possible! :)

Learning Points:

  • This is indeed time consuming and expect that making a schedule will avoid the "black hole" sucking time from other important tasks of marketing and creating.
  • 80/20 rule still applies. Give good experience 80+% of time and "buy my stuff" less than 20%
  • Videos seem to be very popular so next step may include those to show process



Update August 12, 2016


Thank you so much Neil and Linda. I really needed this class to plan a methodical approach to launching a new Instagram account. (August 12, 2016 with no followers.)

So the plan is to commit to all the steps but especially:

  • add a link in the bio
  • be consistent in posting
  • be creative in the photos
  • (take your 10 mistakes class)

Any other suggestions from you are welcome.


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