Cielo De la Paz

Photographer, Videographer, Visual Storyteller



New Heights..

I wanted my project to have some fantasy to it. I wanted it to tell a story about a girl reaching for new heights. But in a very whimsical way.

I was inspired to use the balloons by one of Kyle Thompson's work.  -

And I knew I wanted to use my red umbrella, because it has a lot of meaning for me (it's brought me a lot of luck.)

So I combined the balloons and the red umbrella. Initially I was going to wear a white dress but it felt too drab and stood out too much. So I changed into a party dress.

I wanted everything floating up in the air, kind of chaotic, no order to it.

The setting had to be indoors. I wasn't sure how I would control the balloons if I were outdoors. Luckily I have gray walls and it was easy enough to change them to blue in Photoshop.

Here's the final image:



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