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New Haven, CT

New Haven was the first planned city in America in 1638 and is organized around nine central squares with a common green in the middle.  Greater New Haven is known for its cultural and historical attractions, lively downtown area, world-class dining and unique shops.

Playing on the origin story of New Haven with the nine square plan, I am building on this grid concept for the logo. 

Here's a screen of the 9 square grid plan

here's my logo sketch

and just for fun, I noodled around with the idea in illustrator

This concept helps tell a story that only New Haven can tell, built around the grid that the city was founded on. NHV is the abreviation for New Haven and the letters match up vertically in the logo concept.

Here's another rough sketch based on the old architecture of the buildings around the city (Yale, churches, clock towers, etc).

This has been a fun experience so far.  I look forward to feedback and reviewing the other submissions.




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