New Habits Start with a Good Night's Rest

Life is too short to live with poor habits. I used to hit snooze at least 3-4 times before finally getting out of bed. I seldom visited the gym. I had come to believe that tiredness and grogginess were the way most people started their mornings. After watching Scott's tutorials, I filled out the sleep hacking worksheet. I am currently focusing 2 habits:

  1. Keep consistent sleep time (10pm-5:10am)
  2. Drinking 2L of H2O per day

I have created a rough calendar where I tally the days I completed my 2 habits/tasks. Most importantly, I've listed my commitments in a space I see everyday - my bathroom mirror. I am constantly reminded of my goal and the steps I need to take.

In addition to focusing on sleep time and water consumption, I have also started to workout each morning, take 2 walks to the front of my complex each day and adjust the thermostat down to 69F before bed. I've read a couple of habit change books and know the secret is to take baby steps, but so far everything is working great. 

Good luck to everyone!


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