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New Gif: "Hellboy: The Golden Gif"

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Hellboy: The Golden Gif

I'm a huge Guillermo Del Toro fan, so I made this Gif in honor of him and his Hellboy films. It took forever to put together and I found out that I made it too detailed as Gif's aren't really built for too much info. Therefore, I was pretty crushed I couldn't export it into a gif with very high definition. But, lesson learned.

Above is my simplified version of the gif. Below was my first attempt, but the background proved to cause too much trouble in the exporting. I had to compress it down like crazy which left it looking super pixelated. That's all right though, maybe the above one is better anyway.

If anyone knows of any super awesome techniques to convert and compress files, I'm all ears. Many thanks for taking a look!

True Detective - Rust Cohle

My first crack at making a gif. I'm real fresh to illustrator too, but I'm loving the process. I've always drawn and have animated in After Effects for a while, but this has been a liberating experience. Thanks Skillshare, Fraser, and all of you!

As I love True Detective, especially Matthew McConaughey's performance as Detective Rust Cohle, I thought I'd portray him lost in his thoughts about the mysterious murder that kicks off the series.

Would love any and all feedback. Thanks and all the best!



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