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New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are not my favorite team, but I have chosen to redesign their uniforms because I feel like there is a tremendous amount of potential with them.  Also, I have not really liked there last few uniforms.

I struggled trying to come up with a team to work with, but it hit me that New England has a rich tradition and history to pull from.  What if you could draw on that history and design a uniform that is inspired by a Continental Army Motif?  To me this sounds like it has the possibility to be something really cool and unique, while also being fairly traditional.  

Here is a look at some of the uniforms they have worn in the past, and the ones they are currently wearing.  The logo and colors is only reference to the name Patriot.

The current design with the current logo.  Not terrible, but could it be better?  More thoughtful?

I am going to have to do more research, but as a start I can already see some possibilities.  

Early Design Concepts

I really liked the contrast of the darker blue and white pants on the colonial army uniforms.  The buttons on the jacket seemed like an interesting detail so I played around with that on my first concept.  Another design detail is the circular of stars from the old flag.  Initially I wanted to put that on a helmet but it didn't work out the way I was hoping.  I am going to start messing around with the current logo and see if I can make it more dynamic.

I also realized the template I am using is from the old NCAA pro combat design.  I will need to change that, and you can see that the socks are not NFL approved. 

Final Design

The story I wanted to tell was one of extreme pride, patriotism, and perseverance.  After looking at images of the Continental Army unifroms I wanted to go with a deeper blue, and and rich red.  The main thing I noticed when researching the old army uniforms was the contrast between the dark blue and white on the pants.  For an accent color I ditched the silver the patriots use currently for a gold that I pulled from antique cufflinks and buttons.  The theme for this unifrom set is the 13 Colonies Flag, and you see that on the shoulders and shield.

Detail Shot


Home Uniforms – Back/Front

Away & Alternate

Final Design Tweaks

Based on some of the feedback I have made some changes.  Great suggestions everyone!  This looks much better now!


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