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New England Coast

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Miles - you can find me on Instagram @MilesBergs

I went on a photo meetup last weekend. We started in Portsmouth NH and ended at Nubble Light House in Maine. I took this around 19:15ish at night. I'll be going through the image and trying to bring out the tones of the sunest boucning around, while creating some drama around the sunsent. 

Like @ItsforGotham I am a huge fan of cinematic images. Which is why all of my images are mainly edited in Lightroom. The photo I chose is of one of my fellow photographers from the meetup, we had a great heart to heart about wanting to photograph nature. I figured this was quite fitting to him. 

The Original 



This is what the photo looks like after some quick edits. I cropped the image to 16X9, again going for the cinematic feel. Then the rest of the editing in this image was done in the basics tab of light room. I bumped a lot of the colors here. We haven't had great sunsets here in New England for a least ones that do not feature snow. I wanted to create something that had a summer vibe, a warm day leading into a cool beach night. 

I'm a huge fan of color. I've noticed that is representative of my style, is trying to include pops or full on color in them contrasted in some way. 


Final Image


As you can see I bumped the colors a bit more. I just love purple (despite what Draplin says). The real message of this image is to get out there and explore and to not be afraid. I want there to be a sense of wonderment here, and an urge to pursue the unkown. Which is something I am wrestling with myself, in terms of my own creative and personal endavors. So, why not create some motivation?

Thanks for following along everyone! Looking forwards to others works. I'll see in in the real world and Instagram! 



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