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Helen Jordan

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New Dawn, New Possibilities

First thing that I wish to say is that I usually wake up pretty early anyway, so my problem is not really with the mornings. Recenty though I have found that I am getting quite tired in the evenings. There have been occassions that I have gone to bed aat 8.30pm. I feel that this is an issue as I can wake up at 4.30am whether or not I turned in at 8.30 or 10. I need to develop a routine that will stabilise my day so that I go to bed and wake at regular times. I feel that this project can help in this endeavour.

My Primary Focus

I wish to continue to learn and to grow as a person. To always be helpful, do voluntary work, and to be more creative. I need to develop certain habits in the morning to leave my mind clear for the stuff that I want or have to do, and in the evening so that I can have a more restful night.

What habits will I do?

Learning, listening to drama and music, journaling, reading, being creative, yoga, job hunting

Routine Breakdown

Wake, bathroom, look at job postings, feed the cats (20 mins)

Journal/doodle (20 mins)

Yoga (10 mins)

Breakfast (15 mins)

Tidying, putting the rubbish out, seeing to any washing (15 mins)

Reading and set primary focus (40 mins)

Bedtime Focus

Do the washing up


Listen to the radio

Bed at 10pm


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