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New Class: Make Your Own Jewelry: How To Make A Dangling Bead Necklace

1. Title Your Class: Make Your Own Jewelry: How To Make A Dangling Bead Necklace

2. Project Title And Description:

Make Your Own Dangling Bead Necklace!

Choose a selection of 20 of the same-size beads. We'd love to see your beads. Upload a picture of your beads! (This is optional, but we'd love to them!) The only requirement is that they are the same size. You can choose a color merge like the ombre blues and greens we used. Or you can choose all one color or two alternating colors. The choice is up to your own creativity!

Your finished necklace should have at least twenty dangling beads. Of course, you can dd more if you like!

Your finished necklace should have nice even wrapped loops - so try to wrap the wire around the bead in the danging component the same way for each bead. A consistent look will give your necklace a professional finish!

We love to photograph our jewelry outside. Natural light is easy and beautiful! But don't shoot in direct sunlight--it kills your color. We recommend photographing your necklace outside in the shade. Maybe hanging on a fence or laying on a wood deck. 

We can't wait to see your necklace, so be sure to upload a picture of your necklace!


Jennifer & Kitty

p.s. Remember if you have any questions or comments, leave us a comment and we'll reply! We're here to help!

Attachment: Downloadable PDF with printable tools and materials list and step-by-step instructions.

3. Link to video lesson outline: Outline Dangling Bead Necklace

4. Link To Final video lesson: Make Your Own Jewelry: How To Make A Dangling Bead Necklace


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