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Tiago Forte

Founder, Forte Labs



New Brand for My Skillshare Class on Productivity

Here's my design brief:

1. Background

Tiago Forte is a productivity coach and workflow designer based in San Francisco. The current brand for his business GSD.LAB is not unified and consistent, and does not communicate the unique concept he advocates or encompass his full range of services.

2. Objective

To create a new brand around Tiago’s various products and services that is aligned around his core ideas and communicates his personality.

3. Target audience

Highly educated professionals aged 30-50, who work in creative or knowledge fields, who are looking for work-life balance and better strategies/tactics for their work performance. They are moderately tech-savvy, urban, with an appreciation for both technical and design solutions to their problems.

4. Message

Tiago Forte will help you create a daily workflow customized to your values, priorities, and goals. This workflow will help you achieve your goals faster, save time and energy, and gain a sense of balance and purpose in your work and life.

5. Competition

  • productivity classes both online and in person
  • productivity seminars and conferences
  • productivity coaches
  • books and other informational products on productivity and self-improvement

6. Distinguishing characteristics

  • Emphasis on design, minimalism, and highly practical solutions
  • Cares about the holistic experience of the person
  • Down-to-Earth, no-frills personality
  • Doesn’t prescribe specific hard-and-fast methods - instead teaches core principles and provides wealth of information and curated references to help people do the heavy lifting
  • Experimental and iterative

7. Creative considerations

  • Communicate dual values of efficiency (practical, simple, no frills) and design (subtle, tasteful, emotive)
  • Use 5 selected colors from Kuler
  • Multiple versions for use across different media
  • Include versions with abbreviation and full title

8. Tone or key words

  • Down to Earth
  • Friendly
  • Selective/demanding
  • Tasteful
  • Playful
  • Empathic

Here's my moodboard, via Pinterest. I'm not sure all of these are direct inspiration for this logo, but they are logos that I like and want to pattern my own after, in some way.

-------------------- Update 1/24/14 ----------------------

I chose 2 highly contrasting fonts for my brand: 

The top one (Bebas Neue) will be used for headlines and titles, the bottom one (Quicksand) for text.


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