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New Biz Branding


Truth be told I am super afraid of embarrassing myself and it holds me back from a lot of opportunities in life.


After hearing Lolo talk, and the other teachers included in this workshop, I decided to be brave and post something entirely out of character and a little vulnerable (On my personal account @norberglindsey). It may not seem vulnerable to you but, I don't ask for help, and I don't show behind the scenes footage in fear it will make me appear weak. In fact, I don't post a lot in fear it will suck, I will be rejected, or someone will notice the weight I've gained think that I am fat and ugly.


Putting aside my fears of not being good enough, not being pretty enough or not being attractive enough, I made this short compilation on Instagram Live tonight and feel good about it. I think it's a step in the right direction and it's kind of good. I think it's something I would like to see on Inst and maybe like I am filling a void other want to see.


I mean, what was I so afraid of? Being great? Making new friends? Being vulnerable?


Immediately after posting I called my best friend and made them watch the entire thing pleading for them to criticize me and tell me how stupid it was, but they liked it and said it was great. We talked about me starting my own #MotivationMondays on IG Live and making baby steps towards being comfortable on camera. I do genuinely care about small businesses in my town and want to help them reach success with beautiful, impactful and intentional branding. 



I am just not sure if this is appropriate for a business page too?


Hope you enjoy.
















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