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Lindsey Naumann

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Never too old to ride a swing

Today at the neighborhood park my husband and I were on the swingset, my two year in my lap. She likes to ride with me because I go way higher than daddy. He made a comment about how he always likes to ride the swing when we go to the park. And I said "You're never too old to ride a swing!" in my mommy voice, going higher and higher. And he said, "There's your lettering quote." 

As a package designer, I immediately imagined the quote as a tag line or trademarked brand of tree swing printed on a label or box. Maybe it's even laser engraved into the wood! You know, as a reminder for a grown-up that walks by, gets the urge to have a seat, and then says to herself, I'm too old for that. So that's the direction I'm taking. 

The other phrases I had in mind were:

"You might have to have a hard year to have a better decade." - I recently quit my cushy corporate package design gig to go solo, and a bit nervous about it at the moment. 

"Let's sleep on it." or "Why don't we just sleep on it." - I tend to be impulsive, dreamy, and have lots of good ideas (at least at the time, they seem like good ideas), but fortunately I'm balanced out by my patient, calculating, analytical and more rational husband. So I try to live by this phrase. 

Here are my brain storming words:

Research phase:

The cover image I found is awesome, a woman swinging with reckless abandon, and that I-shouldn't-be-enjoying-this-so-much expression on her face.

Love the statement-as-a-product-name examples in vintage packaging. The images start out more colorful, like toy packaging, and then more muted, inspired by the outdoors and the Boy Scouts. 

Somewhere between a trip to the park tomorrow, and before the little one wakes up from her nap, I should be on to the next step! 


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