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Never settle for less than your best

This is the first time I've ever tried calligraphy and I find myself loving it! Its pretty addictive, and before I know it, I'm doing countless lines of practice with the worksheets. I'm really getting the hang of it. I find myself loving the marker paper type in my sketch book, compared to the translucent ones. 


Here is my experimentation with the heaver paper:

When I started writing on the marker paper in my sketchbook, I started to produce the results I wanted. 

My quote I chose for the class is: "Never settle for less than your best". This was a quote my 7th grade art teacher always mentioned in class. Sometimes, when you are creating art, don't be afraid to start over if the work you are producing isn't great. It's about never giving up and creating a master piece you are proud to show. Funny, how I ended up drawing this quote over and over again until I started to like it. 

I wanted frame my quote so I cut out 5x7 marker paper and wrote the quote on it and framed it. It's still not perfect, but I'm still practicing everyday until I get better! I find it more free flowing if I don't have to write super straight. Surprising to me, the free flowing ones are the ones I liked the most. Example below. 

I find that calligraphy is very meditative and fun! Loved this class and look forward to the other classes!


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