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"Never give up, never give in"

June 3-4, 2014

I've finally had some time to get started on this class and around the time I signed up for access (November!) I saw "The Day of the Doctor," part of the Dr. Who BBC television show series. I've become a fan of this show for its quirky characters, positive worldview, outlook about fair treatment for beings from any universe, and how it all relates to our real lives on earth.

In "The Day of the Doctor" a Dr. Who character from the past says the quote I have chosen and it sums up the misson and philosophy behind the character of Dr. Who and the entire show. It has a very Winston Churchill stalwart steadiness to it and I think it would make a great T-shirt!

"Never cruel or cowardly. Never give up, never give in."

Here is a list of words I associated with the quote to help on my research:

I have been researching 1950s-60s sci-fi movie posters and World War II propaganda from England and I'm compiling it on a Pinterest board.

I am on to the next stage, Lettering Warm Up. I have started drawing the word "Never" in 5 different styles.... stay tuned!

June 6, 2014

I have completed my style experimentation with the word "never" from my quote. I thought since it is repeated 3 times, I might want to give it a different treatment each time in the final.

I think my shading needs a little help but I'm mostly happy with how these turned out. I really like how the hourglass one worked out, and the "Dimensional" style was probably the most challenging one for me.

I might use something similar to the "Fancy Serif" or "Sans Serif" examples in the next stage of thumbnails and sketches but I am going to refer back to my research images of vintage sci-fi posters for more style options.


Here's the latest update on my hand lettering project. I've finalized the drawing and applied color. I am pretty happy with the coloring of the words, I am experimenting with adding some texture or more "depth" to the word "never" inside the hourglass, though it isn't shown here. I'm also continuing to work with the background. I know I want a swirl similar to the one I have now but I'm not sure of the best way to express it visually.


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