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Javier Virgen

Eco Shield



Never Wax your car again!

Due to government regulations in the 1990s, automakers changed how they painted cars, trading the long-lasting durability of the past… for the shine and higher gloss of the present.  And with that trade-off came maintenance challenges.  Back-in-the-day, you could grab a terry cloth towel and wipe down your car because its paint was durable. You can’t do that today. This is exactly what I mean by maintenance challenges, and why your car’s shiny paint job experiences fading, peeling  and annoying swirl marks.

                     Eco Shield

  1. Lifetime warranty on new vehicles.
  2. 5 year warranty on used and restored vehicles.
  3. Non-toxic; alkali, acid and salt resistant.
  4. Super hydrophobic effect is practically maintenance free.
  5. Say goodbye to waxing forever!
  6. Complimentary do-it-yourself maintenance kit.


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