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Never Take Any Advice that Sounds Like Rum and Coke

UPDATE 4/5/14

Here is my refined sketch! I will update when I digitize and color in Lettering II !

Another update! I decided to resketch #2 &#3 in a large and more detailed format so that I can decide which one I like best.


In the one on the left, "advice" is just NOT doing it for me. If I were to move forward that would have to change, as well as everything in the bottom half be tightened up. 

I have decided to go forward with the last one. In this one "never" is going to change to be more ornate, it just looks too similar to "take any" even though it is a heavier weight. I have a treatement in mind for it, and I am going to make "take any" a little smaller. Lastly, I am going to adjust the kerning in between the letters of "Rum" & "Coke", and make "and" sit on the "E." 


UPDATE 4/3/14

Hello all!

I have my (rough) thumbnails below. I would really like some comments to see if I am going in the right direction!

I'm partial to #2 and #3, but #4 screams maritime to me. I think #2 is really Caribbean/rummy and #4 is the best at capturing the pirate. As of now I am moving forward with 2 & 3. Any suggestions for me?

Thank you! 

UPDATE 3/28/14

I added some more sketches. So far, I think I'm leading towards ornate...I do really like sans serif though! 

Hello all, I wanted to share some of my progress!

I have added my sketches of the word rum below. It is a short word so it was actually more difficult than I thought it would be. Conveying seafaring pirates near islands enjoying their libation of choice is a lot for three letters. I think I am going to re-sketch serif, script, and ornate to get rid of all the hesitation marks and push them a little far. I would really appreciate some feedback! 


I was in a rum-my mood when I started my project and decided to find a quote that captures the essence of my favorite past time.

I toyed with a few different quotes-noting word count-to make use it was manageable. When I settled on a quote, I started my brainstorm list (forgive the chicken-scratchy writing). I found my list incorporated places I have drank rum, types of rum I have enjoyed, as well as some of the (stereo)typical qualities associated with the Caribbean conquered beverage. 


My mood board consists of a lot of type heavy rum bottles, while sadly neglecting my favorite brand Appleton (especially the Reserve!) because of the pastoral imagery prominently displayed on the label. I was drawn more towards pirate imagery and type that would fit in with that theme.

I pinned my full mood board and you can check it out here:

I will ill be updating along my way and hope you will stay tuned and give me feedback along the way! My next task will be to letter the word rum and I couldn't be more excited. :-)


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