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Never Stop Learning - The Alphabet Edition

October 3, 2013

Alrighty. Dove into the fun stuff :) Traced over the a-n template several times, then moved on to individual letters. I'm up to "c". "a" seems to be the hardest consistency issue for me so far. I can't really seem to nail the slightly tilted shape that is in Molly's template. Overall I'm really digging putting my hand my paper.

(Sorry for the low-light photography. Calligraphy happens in my house after my 16-month-old son goes to sleep.)

October 1, 2013

I did a calligraphy project once about 15 years ago, and have not touched a nib since. But, I love stepping out of the shiny box on my desk to get my hands dirty.

I went to a local art store to get supplies for this class, but all they had for nibs was a speedball set, and I thought "well, those should be good enough". I diligently went about practicing lines/u's/sideways s's/o's.

When I got to the o's, I was just not happy with how they were looking. My difference in line thickness was not nearly as lovely as Molly's demonstration, so I just went ahead and purchased the nibs she listed. Ahhhhhh. Much better :)

And now, I think, it is time to move on to some alpahabet tracing!


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