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Never Stop Dreaming


I'm pretty much brand new to Illustrator, but when I saw this class, I knew that I was up to the challenge. First, Shelley, thanks so much for the class! It was really easy to follow and the techniques I learned were ones that I will be using a lot in the future!

For my project, I wanted to illustrate my two kids, Ellie and Oliver. Oliver has curly hair and I did my best to recreate that. Though, I completed his hair before I saw your tips on it. I hope it doesn't look too bad.

I chose "Never Stop Dreaming" because that's something that I want to impart to my children. I want them both to always follow their dreams, and to not listen to the voices in the world that tell them that their dreams are impssible to achieve.

I wanted the color palette of their clothes to reflect kind of a vintage vibe, since that's what I really like. I found some images in Pinterest with vintage colors, notably this one.


Since my daughter loves pretending to visit Mars and all the other planets (Ollie is too little to really tell us), I decided to make the background an outer space kind of thing.

Anyway, here are the colors that I wanted to use.


And here's my framed, final project. I changed Oliver's eye color a little bit so that it wasn't too strong. Here's the updatede version, followed by the frame version.



I had a lot of fun making these! I actually made individuals one later and they're now hanging in their respective rooms!


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