Never Stop Dreamin' (Character design by James Boorman)

Hey there! I’m James Boorman, a motion designer by day and character designer by night. I’m 35 years old and currently living and working in one of Australia’s smallest yet humble cities, Adelaide.

I'm a little late to the game on starting my project for Matt's class.

Given that it's my little boy's (who's turning 1) birthday coming up, I decided I'd use this class as a guide or a perfect opportunity  to create an illustration piece to give to him to mark the occassion.

I know a lot of people taking this project are creating a pirate of some description, but I've decided to take a few liberties and create a piece which depicts my son as a little Luke Skywalker raising his toy light sabre at the galaxy above which is a baby mobile hanger of the twin Tatooine suns, a couple of imperial spacehips and the almighty Death Star. I really wanted to capture a real "wanderlust" in this piece and explore the imagination of a child reaching for the stars. 

And, yes..he actually looks like that!

Thanks for sharing this class with us Matt. I'm sure everyone is benefiting from it in a big way.





Here's my very rough sketches:

Here's the final sketch (still pretty rough, but I liked some of the shapes I was getting):

Shapes and gereral colour layout:

My final piece with textures and colour adjustments!


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