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'Never Mind the Rodents ...'


NEXT stop, texture!

STEP 5: omg conference time at my office so everything is incremental at this point. I'm at the point now where I have to figure out how to show the curves of Johnny's tubby bod in negative space. But that's for another day. Going home now.

STEP 4: Slow going now that I'm on the hair, but making progress. Find I'm really having to resist putting in texture. MUST. NOT. TEXTURIZE.

STEP 3: Going digital now and starting to block in some color. Thinking about using negative space to imply the actual tip of Johnny's nose. But much more to do before that's a make-or-break issue.

STEP 2: Color Palette / The loud Day-Glo colors of the Sex Pistols, greys for the mike, and the browns & pinks for the mouse's body. These are standard AI palette colors mixed with a few high-contrast values from the native Color Guide in CS6. (Note: left out the punk yellow, but may need to add in later if the acid green isn't contrast enough.)

STEP 1: Doing LOUD (preliminary sketch--I'm starting class late). Immediately wanted to do something that contrasted with common definitions/phrases. Kept remembering the movie 'The Mouse That Roared.'

Paired that with my word list of things thought of as loud--music. Specifically PUNK and METAL. Started out here:

And ended up with: Mousetallica? Johnny Rodent?


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