Never Liked It Anyway

Never Liked It Anyway  - student project



Selfish reasons to use

  • Sellers:
    • Make money – the highest price possible for the lowest effort (money)
    • Reinvest that money in themselves – something they want FOR them (money/status)
    • Show off to their ex (and friends) that they have moved on (power)
    • Prove that they are an empowered, modern woman (power)
  • Buyers:
    • Finding a unique item with a twisted story for bragging rights (recognition/status)
  • Visitors
    • Finding crazy stories to share with their friends for great conversation (status)
    • Prove they have a finger on the pulse (status)


Ways to play to these desires

  • Sellers:
    • “Be Gone” button: share feature once listing has been created
      • shares listing on FB, Twitter and Pinterest
      • “Itching to be free of your goods? Share that bad boy!”
  • “DTM” button: share button to prove you’ve moved on
    • Shares listing with specific email addresses
    • “Share with…ahem… a certain someone?”
  • Gaming system to indicate level of ‘over it’
    • The more items someone sells, the more points they get
  • Option to have a “friend complete the story” on your behalf
    • You make the listing, your friend fills out the story.
    • “Don’t want to dwell any longer – have a friend tell your story for you!”
  • “Number of Views” – weekly summary of how many people have read your story and been inspired
  • Share your story of what you bought with the money and get a free listing
  • “Breakup Baggage Parties”
    • Cleanse with a friend: get your girlfriends over and cleanse yourself of your exes together – we’ll send you some bottles of bubbly
  • Not sure if you should sell?
    • Get second opinion from friend
    • Buyers:
      • Include stories of what someone will use with the money they buy
      • Send advice to the person you bought an item off
      • Visitors:
        • Create more engaging buttons
          • You Had It Coming, Jerk, FML
  • Encourage user comments
    • “What Should I do?” blog
  • Battles: Who had it worse section (instead of TELL IT)


  • Share Inherent:
    • Cleanse parties
    • Complete a story for a friend
    • Incentivise Share: