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Never Let the Fear of Striking Out Keep You From Playing the Game

(My most recent updates are on the top...scroll down for the progression)


Since I really set out to do this to make a poster for my kid, and his little league team colors this year are Orange and Navy blue, I finally decided on that color scheme.

Adding texture was super fun! Thank you so much to everyone who provided feedback and especially to Mary Kate, this was such a great class and I learned so much from your videos and your feedback. I really appreciate it!


Adding color was way harder than I had anticipated. So here's where I'm at:

Also did some colors in some of my kids' favorite teams:

Now to choose one and get on with the texture!


On to Part II of the class, here is my refined sketch Digitized. Added a shadow to Striking Out and Game, the class video was SO helpful with that, thank you Mary Kate!

Earlier in March (haven't uploaded until now 3/20/14):

I inked in several different layers, mostly because of mistakes, I really need more practice inking, and my ruler became my best friend. I cleaned up most in Photoshop. The tracing paper I used left a lot of unwanted mess when I tried to digitize, and since I'm more familiar with photoshop, it was easier for me to clean up some stray pixels and all the mess the paper left in that program. So these are the files I digitized from.



Here are a couple more sketches.

I worked this one without the the rest of the design to get the letters the way I wanted and not feel constricted to get it into the center circle.

Here it is incorporated into the rest of the design.


I got really busy and haven't had a chance to do some more sketching on this project until just the last day or so. Here's a sketch with some changes from feedback I received (thanks everyone). It' really coming along. Not too happy with Striking Out as it is right now, so I'm going to go back and do some more warm up on that phrase. I really want to incorporate the "baseball swoosh" but maybe it's too much for this project.

Hopefully I'll be able to focus on this until it's done!


Here's another more detailed sketch of this first concept. I have a second concept that I'm playing around with too, just not happy with any of it yet. I still feel like the "of" after "Fear" is out of place in this and can't find a happy place for it, which is why I'm playing around still. 

Feedback welcome :)

Scroll down for more the first steps...


So, I've been plugging along but I haven't been scanning, so I'm about to upload all I have so far.

Once I did that, I couldn't decide what word I would really like in the script style with the flag, so I tried out two phrases.


Then I started on some sketches

and this one is my most current sketch


(earlier in January, didn't log what day...)

It took me a while to find a quote and do enough brainstorming that I would be happy with it.

My kids play baseball and the season is starting. I thought it would be fun to do this project and have something for them in the end.

My brainstorming...sorry for the terrible lighting from my computer...

I put together a Pin Board of Baseball images that I thought would work for what I had in mind for this project. Here's my favorites from the board...


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