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Never Born

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ADAPTATION: Elizabeth Childers from Spoon River Anthology.

NOTES: I selected Elizabeth's passage because her sorrow is timeless and this moment of grief is so overwhelmingly opposite of the joy that should be expeirienced in child birth. Through her words, she reveals moments of joy that are destroyed in sorrow so much so that she can't feel any of the joy that was once a part of her. 

LOGLINE: From a young age, Elizabeth dreamed of dying from incredible circumstances. What she never imagined is that she would die in the moment she wanted to live the most. 

NOTES/THOUGHTS: Elizabeth is a young girl without much love in her life. She is quirky and smart, but she has a dark habit of day dreaming about her demise in an odd and often humorous ways. To her classmates and teachers, she's a strange child, frequently alone, although she appears interested in the other children and befriends a young boy, River, who only plays with her when they are alone. Elizabeth's parents are madly in love with one another, but rather uninterested in having a child, an innocent mistake that they are reminded of only when obligation requires that they keep her alive with adequate food, clothin and shelter. She is mostly ingored at her home where she develops a deeply interesting relationship with her bed pillows that she frequently talks with to keep herself company when her young friend, River, has better things to do. Elizabeth is rather emotionless except for a look of wonder here and there until her parents pick her up from school one day and tell her that they are moving. Panicked, she wants to rush to tell River good bye, but he is embarassed of thier friendship and shuns her goodbyes. Her life continues in a spiral of disappointment as she cares for her parents who suffer from an illness and eventually die until one day she finds herself in love with a man who cares little for her. One day, Elizabeth finds herself pregnant, and for the first time in her life, she feels truly connectect to another human as it grows inside of her. During her pregnancy, she day dreams of her demise fade, and she find herself feeling hopeful for the first time in her life despite the fact that her lover has left her alone. One night, well into her pregnancy, Elizabeth's day dreams of death begin to return. She fights these thoughts, for as they become real again, she feels less connected with her unborn child. The last scene is murky, it is unclear if it is a day dream or a reality, this time, there are two deaths, not one. 



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