Never Alone



I used a very old photo of myself and my Dad when I was a little girl. My Dad passed away when I was a teenager. Initially I colored both of us in but then I had turned the color layer off and back on and got the idea that you see here.

I drew the wall the child is sitting on because they had been sitting on the edge of a porch and had the wall of the house behind them. I used color balance to try to get a more complimentary color on the wall layer to go with the sky. The sky was a background image I had purchased in a pack many years ago. I actually scaled it up and then used a filter on it to give it that painted look. I also duplicated it and pasted it on top of everything at the end, set it to soft light and reduced the opacity so it would color the child slightly to match the sky.

I think my biggest struggle was trying to get all the elements to appear cohesive. I haven't used Photoshop in a few years, so this was a great reintroduction.

This was a really fun project. I loved the class and will try this again.


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