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Neuron Igniters

Thisi is a story about drawings, productivity, meaning and overcoming fear.

It all started years ago. I had always thought I was a lousy drawer but started doing it, regardless. It was an effective way of communicating what I wanted to say.

I named my effort "gud laif" which is good life written in Spanish as it sounds in English. I started exploring the concept of love versus love incomplete and how fear and desire to fit in push us away from our true calling.

I made t-shirts, stickers and some posters. Set up stores in cafepress and zazzle... and failed to sell anything hahaha! You can see some of the pictures on my blog.

Oh well. Just move on, I said.

Years went by and the drawings evolved. My work as a project manager and life coach has given me some very interesting experiences and insights into how people feel at work and why we behave how we do. After some years working in corporate environments you realize that:

1. People yearn for inspiration. We want to understand how we can do our job better, how what we do is connected to the higher purpose of the company and to our own calling.

2.  Most companies could use help communicating things better internally.

3. Walls are boring.

At the same time my blog evolved into "incomplete guidelines for humanizing productivity".

Hmmmmm.... Humanize productivity. Seems like something many companies could do nowadays, right? So I added 1 + 2 + 3 and started printing these drawings in 18x24 canvas. I gave many away to see how they'd look in people's offices and they loved them.

That's how exploring the intersection between meaning and productivity and putting it into pictures became my project.

I've kept drawing them (this is my desk yesterday with some)

Displaying photo.JPG

and I've come to realize that it would be a cool idea to help people achieve the intersection of meaning (do what they love, what they were put in this Earth to do) and productivity (doing it effectively) through these little drawings. I've adopted the "Humanize Productivity" as my personal mission in life and call these wee drawings "neuron igniters", they are silent thinking partners to help you clic! up there in your head.

I've set up the online store over at and now I'm looking forward to evolve this project with the wisdom of Seth Godin and you guys.

Here are some of the latest ones:

I guess the last part of the story is about overcoming fear. Firmly stating that yes, I was born to do this and I'm going forward with it. There's a lot of people that can benefit from it and the drawings can be complemented in the future with coaching and change management consulting, which is something I have experience doing. How do I make art a central part of business? That's a great question to ask as I enter a course with Seth Godin.

Thanks for reading!

What's your passion?


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