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Took a look at what was out there already in terms of past book covers. What I determined is that there are no good covers for this book. I know Gibson is hard to pin down but these are abstract to the point of confusion.

Judge for yourself (this includes a graphic novel and a game cover):

This book is seminal Sci-fi. Written in the 80s it was the genesis of cyberpunk inspiring "The Matrix" which explains why one of the covers is more or less the representation of the matrix from the movie (it is referenced in this book but never described as a field of falling ones and zeroes.

I'm in the process of re-reading the book and remembering how Noir this novel really is. It's very much in the vein of a Raymond Chandler novel where we go from the seamiest of underbellies to the cloistered environs of the ulra-rich but wherever we look there is corruption, desperation, and violence. It's also about such abstract topics as a networked AI gaining concsiousness which explains all the grids and lights and low-rez displays incorporated into previous covers.

One of the cleanest covers is the top right corner which is just a representation of one of the characters (Molly Millions who's a somewhat recurring badass character on the Gibson world). I love the character and wouldn't mind using her in some way but she's not our protagonist and it seems wrong to focus on her.

I might try to use a future-noir look.

Here are some classic noir and noir-style images:

Also wanted to look at other covers of Gibson novels. I know there have been a few that I liked and that got the flavor of his world more accurately. To that end I've collected a few. some good some eh plus another crappy Neuromancer cover—but crappy in a completely different way.

Really like the cover for "The Difference Engine" though that's really more Steampunk than Cyberpunk. and the cover for "Virtual Light" that has the space station on it is typographically really interesting and visually cool even if it still suffers from being cold and abstract. The use of faces is interesting since there's still a lot of sweaty paranoid humanity involved in Gibson's world.

There's also influences like the classic future noir of BladeRunner, Ghost in the Shell, and possibly The Matrix to contend with:


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