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Vincent Lai

Faute De Mieux




Vector / Round 2

Based on the feedback I decided to push the concept further of duality by choosing two unique serifs. The one on the left being more of a slab serif which works with the column well on the left. For the one on the right I used a romanesque serif which seems to emphasize the curves of the top of the tower.

I bump the hues of the blue color a bit to create greater contrast with the background. I decided to stick with blue because there is a cold nature that is evoked throughout the book and I wanted that emotion to be really prevalent in the design.

I added a new pattern which is influenced by traditional Turkish patterns found in Istanbul. Istanbul is a key location in the story as well. I reapproriated the design to represent the etchings of computer chips. Symbolically I wanted this to represents how technology and the past are interlinked. Reapproriation also follows how technology is often hacked for different reasons other than it's original purpose.

Vector / Round 1

I decided to move forward with my first concept. I may revisit the third one at a later date. My first concept was to push forward a hodge-podge of modern day vs antiquated objects, though I felt that maybe pushing things in an architecturaly sense would be more impactful. I also made the illustration capture more of a scene in the actual story, where the characters go to a station in space for the final act.

I was a bit conflicted with the basic colors. I thought the blue reflected the cold nature of the A.I's in the story, the green reminded me of old 80s cpu flair for the black screen and neon green, Red i just liked because it presented immediacy and a sense of danger. Any thoughts appreciated!


There are many dualities in the book Neuromancer. I wanted to explore some of these ideas with my drop caps and I found that the letter N provides a perfect example to do this. 

  1. My first sketch I wanted to convey a level of antiquity with technology. In the book these lines are blurred and the past and present are blended together to create the futuristic imagery. 

  2. The second sketch I wanted to create two greco-roman columns. Each column is too represent two aristocratic families who merged to form the corporation Tessier-Ashpool in the story

    Each column is to represent the artificial intelligences named Wintermute & Neuromancer. Without spoiling too much of the plot. Wintermute is an AI programmed to desire to merge with it's counterpart Neuromancer. Much of the plot is about Wintermute attempting to achieve this by manipulation of characters within the story and the mystery behind this.

  3. The 3rd sketch is my least favorite as it is a trope found so often in cyberpunk science fiction. In the story characters, technology is so ubiquitous that we do not see much difference between interaction between the digital and the physical world. Thus, half of the letter is physical and the other half is too convey the digital inter-connected world.  


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