Neurographic Art Practice

Neurographic Art Practice - student project

New Year's Weekend 2022 was very productive!

This was the 1st B&W image....Neurographic Art Practice - image 1 - student project

And the 2nd...

Neurographic Art Practice - image 2 - student project

And the 3rd...

Neurographic Art Practice - image 3 - student project

Here is another flexagon (the other one is posted at the Neurographic Art Practice: Adding Color class.) This is the main image. I didn't draw it with one continuous line, but rather 3 separate images. But I stuck to the other principles of smoothing corners, adding patterns, etc.

Neurographic Art Practice - image 4 - student project

And this is the 'flipped' side ... like a kaleidoscope.

Neurographic Art Practice - image 5 - student project

I have no idea what those hairy, spikey things are or why they keep showing up, but there they are. Just kind of happens.

Also, I seem to be drawn to dots and circles. Who knew?!

Thank you, Daniela! This kind of practice helps when I feel like drawing or doodling but don't have anything specific in mind. I can just make a line and go with it. No rhyme or reason. Just move my pens and see what happens.

* I have some color ones on the other class project about adding color too.

Kim Doohaluk
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