Netflix's Digital Strategy

Create the Digital Strategy for Netflix.

Let's pull some key stats & data together and pick out the nuggets to push forward:

"Netflix" searched over time (source: google trends)

Netflix Stats as of 3/27/2012 ( a bit outdated) http://www.statisticbrain.com/netflix-statistics/

Quantcast demographic data:

  • People visiting: 9,704,052 Number of Visits: 110,480,045 in January 2013 meaning people are returning 11.4x per month
  • Females make up 56% of visits while people 25-54 make up of 66% of visits
  • Graduates and Post Graduates account for 59% of total visits
  • Caucasian people make up 78% of site visits

Data on Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove ( Google Trends)


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Narrower Insights

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We're getting to the big idea




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