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Nesting in the Bachelor Pad

My fiance and I became engaged last year - time for his 2 male roomies to move out of his place! I moved in and am in the process of converting his bachelor pad into a home we can share. My style = Anthropologie-Bohemian. His style = Pottery Barn-Traditional. I started making changes slowly then...HELLO! We found out we are expecting! We are both thrilled. SO...slow changes turned into extreme nesting as we are preparing for our baby girl (due this July).

My first project...the kitchen nook. We just put the bench in and started getting furniture on CraigsList, etc. The chairs in here have GOT TO GO! The shape of the table and the light I well as the color (no preggo painting, please) but it is booooring right now. We are going for more of a casual beach theme in here. The coffee bar and the weak gallery wall are in need of some major styling CPR. PS - sorry for the dark pictures! 10pm and very limited lighting in the's not as dark overall as it seems!

Next up: Dining room / bar. The bar is small for the space...not sure how to fix that issue yet. The dresser we have in the dining room is a perfect scale for the wall...the table and chairs are out as soon as we can find new ones (not to mention the hideous light above the table). The picture of the Alps is a photo my honey took when we were in Switzerland - I'm having a friend paint it now to replace the print. Again, styling is an issue...

Last pic for today...the bookshelf! We found the metal frame at an antique store and my man stained and added the wood to it. I like it but it's small for the space and looks very lonely! 

Couch, coffee table and bed pictures to come...!



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