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Nesting doll practice

This is my first project that I am uploading on Skillshare, yaay! I am a little bit nervous because I usually don't share anything I create because I am just too afraid people won't like it, but I guess I would give it a try. Also, it makes me really feel like I finished something and put some work into it.

Anyway, I tried to re-create the nesting doll deer quite like Sandra did because I find it extremely hard for me to come up with original artwork and mix colors for it and make the scheme and all without any previous 'experience' on the piece. So I like to try to 'copy' someone first and then come up with something of my own with the techniques already practiced. So, this is my attempt to follow Sandra with her wonderful skills.

Note: I used the cheapest of cheap watercolors from the school supplies area in the mall (I didn't invest into anything more expensive yet in case I am a non-promising mess haha) and also I only had one brush with me (spending holiday at my parents' house taking care of the pets while they're in Thailand - thanks, I am fine with that! XD) that was size 3 and didn't really suit for the details, so this might be a part of the not-really-success-looking end. Brush is Daler-Rowney, at least I found out that you can't be thrifty on these before. As for the paper, I tried this one for the first time and didn't find it really good quality; it is from the Flying Tiger store saying it is for DIY watercolor postcard, but it didn't hold much water before starting to drench.

And - also, I naturally forgot to take in-progress pics, so just this finished one.


Here is the detail.


And finally retouched (edges, contrast) in PS to give it some decent look.


Like I said, the details are so chunky they are almost not details because of the size of the brush. Also I messed up some of the black details and the white ink I have is not very good (dries transparent) so it looks like it does.

However, I am SO GLAD I took this class because I loved to play with watercolors and I definitely want to continue. I just need to squish the practice in my daily hours like everyone else!

Thank you, Sandra, for this amazing art you share.


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