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Nesting Spirits

Hello again,

let's continue my previous projects.

I can't believe that these classes took me so quickly so far! It's really happening! Thank you!


I connected my domain with a tumblr blog. I was going for a portfolio look - I show there just some pieces I really like, not everything I am going to sell. If people like it, they can see my blog or shop to see more.


This is just a beginning, I need to work on my blog - I would like it to look similar as my main website and I would like to connect it more with Nesting Spirits brand later. I also need to upload more motifs on my new Society6 shop.

Business card:


Honestly, I don't like it. I would make it differently if I knew how it will look in the end. I am pretty happy with black and white side, where is everything important to contact Nesting Spirits. (You can also see that I am using the version of logo Faye has suggested - it just look better on small spaces.) On the second side should be just my name and what I do. Blue should match with one of the shades of the unicorn but it dissapeared from it (even though I CMYKed it). If I could remake it now (and I probably will), it would be just plain black with grayscale unicorn on it, no text. Well, maybe next time.

Product photography:

Here are some pictures from my new shop on Society6:




And here is a photo of one of the poscards I made for this Christmas season - I sell them mostly offline:


And some badges:




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