Nesting Spirits & social networks

Nesting Spirits & social networks - student project


you can see my previous project here.

It's quite difficult to get followers for me, because in Czech Republic people use regulary only facebook. I have just one friend with instagram, one friend of mine uses twitter, two use tumblr and two friends use pinterest (but one of them uses only secret boards:). They know about other networks but they don't use them. They find new accounts suspicious. Normally you start on social network and you find some people you know and they support you a little - I don't have this advantage.

All my accounts are quite new. Here they are:

Tumblr - that is also where I put my official website and I have a blog there. I would like these two websites to communicate more in future.


I would like to use facebook for contact with Czech people - since I have some real life friends there. This site is also new, you will be first to see it.

Nesting Spirits & social networks - image 1 - student project


I have also old pinterest account as Sova - since I have 500 followers there and I don't want to loose all of them with creating completely new brand account, I also pin my art there and I made some boards common. You can follow me, if you like it - I don't have almost any followers there yet.

Nesting Spirits & social networks - image 2 - student project

Example pin: I usually post just my new picture with some comment - now I am going to add also a link on my society6 account, so that people know they could buy it there.


Also new for me. I would like to mix pictures of my art process and products with my life in Prague and trips in nature.

Nesting Spirits & social networks - image 3 - student project


If I ever make a video - it will be probably some speedpaint video of my process or art supplies review.


And here is the photo that sums up my brand for now:

Nesting Spirits & social networks - image 4 - student project

Thank you once again for these series, they were very helpful.

Sova Huova
illustrator, artist and creative