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Nerdy Girls Society Logo

The photo I posted is our current logo that I am hoping to revise during this class. As we are now going national, the Arch logo (representing St. Louis) is no longer relevant. The listing of all the things we do is a bit silly as that changes on a regular basis and is not all that attractive. 

Visit our website to see everything we do.

Mood Boards (updated 4/23/14)

Still a work in progress, but have started the mood boards:

  • Logos
  • Color - Bright colors seem the way to go for us as we're a fairly young (or young at heart), energetic group. 
  • Typography - I want to stay away from anything too cutesy, but whimsical is  good. We'll see - sans serif is my preference.
  • Composition - I'm so inspired by shields and crests as logos, mostly because we have the word Society in the name. It makes me think of secret societies or university groups.
  • Icons - I really like the idea of incorporating a feminism icon, an owl (wisdom), or a beagle (friendliness - one of our core values).
  • Concept - We do so many things, it's hard to distill everything into one logo. 

Sketches (updated 4/24/14)

Just getting started on doing some sketches. Here's the first of one thought process:


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