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Nerds on the Road

The blog is actually 5 years old but as we continue to travel I'd like to get more serious about keeping up with blogs and a more focused set of goals and purpose. 

Currently I blog about our hikes, our pets, occasionally write a city guide if I feel there is a point (my main problem with blogging is if I feel no one is reading it, why bother).  

Unfortunately we are in an odd position audience wise because most people who travel in RVs are older, most people who ride dual sports are younger (and do more daring things) and most of the trails we hike and roads we ride, no one has ever heard of. We are not intersted in tourist attractions and we only eat vegan food - and since attractions and food seems to be where most travel blogs get their traffic we don't get much traffic - our audience is a really specific, seemingly non existent group. People would have to be curious about us or interested in us and out adventures because most people probably won't take anything away from the blogs. 

We work full time from our computers during the week. I'm a photographer and my boyfriend worked as a software dev for a company in Seattle. We love Star Trek and all things sci-fi. We have 2 cats and a dog. We both ride small dualsport bikes whenever possible. We've been on the road for 5 years last October and have been around most of the US. We ocassionally travel to the UK and Europe. 


current audience:
40-50 something rvers or rv wanabees (not who we want really but it's a start). also, our moms. 

goal audience:
nerdy, vegan, dirt bikers, who travel the world and want to see a canyon more than disneyland (haha)

what is it supposed to be:
liberal but not political
good photography

what its not:
youngish but not 'hippy' travelers
not rv repair centric
for older travlers
full of good photography...

get people interested in nature rather than tourist attractions
submit at least 2 articles to travel mags a year
show people how to explore beyond the fence, down the dirt road and over the mountain

Nerds on the Road is an interesting, fun and nerdy blog focused on providing content about travel to travelers and those curious about travel so they can learn about the back road activities and sub culcture world of the US.

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis we plan to inspire people to get out into the world, care about their natural resources, learn about adventures and find out things they never knew about their own area.

regular topics:
hiking adventures
'our favorites' type lists
dualsport trips
traveling with pets
pubs and resturants (of the vegan friendly variety)

what I use for socialization:
facebook page
google plus
stumble upon

no monetery investment yet... 

Our life:




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