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Nerd and proud of it!

First Round

I couldn't wait to get started with this. It is very rudimentary as I do (not yet) have any dip pen. It is on its way tho so expect more versions of this cutie to appear!

I used a PITT artist pen and the line work is far from smooth.I found it quite hard to trace the subject, and my makeshift light table was only of partial help. I ended up tracing the sketch again in pencil, then inked it and then erased all the sketch marks from the paper. Practice makes perfect I hope...


Omy gosh omy gosh.. part III is ready! Now what to do.. I really really like the character, but I was waiting for a dip pen to arrive to dabble a bit more with dynamic line thicknesses. So in preparation for the third class in this series I dabbled a bit with pens and line thicknesses and I need to practise a lot more. I cleaned up the scan and made it pure black and white, but this one I will use for the upcoming class:



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