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Sylvia S

Girl Geek, Coder, Doodler



Nerd and proud of it!

This was fun!

Thanks you for this quick course on how to start with character design. I never thought of an approach this way, but it makes it heaps easier to focus on what you want to express.

I am a geek, coder and doodler and far of from calling myself an 'artist'. I took on the 'Sketchbook Magic' challenge by Ria Sharon - which delivered me the word 'Character' for a daily inspiration. Which led me to this course - isn't it nice how everything comes together.

I wanted to make a cute, female character that clearly is OUTSPOKEN, interestedin SCIENCE and kinda SERIOUS. So that were my 3 attributes. I like her, hope you do too! Can't wait for the second part of this course - so heading off there now.



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