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Nerd and Proud of it!

This class was a bit of a revelation for me. I 'thought' that both inking and coulouring would be done using natural media :) Shows how little I know... I don't use illustrator, but I do vector a lot using Inkscape (free, open source). Inkscape fortunately has all the features requred to follow along with this class, including an excellent trace option, fill tool and a way to import and blend images so that worked out fine.

I also cheated a bit on the shading part. I thought as I have the image now digitally available I might as well apply the shading using digital media. For that I used Project Dogwaffle / Howler 10. It has great water colour brushes and blending options. I then combined both images in the same manner as demonstrated by Jesse. I did play with the colour changes directly in Inkscape using its excellent colour filters.

My initial result:


After some colour tweaking:


I like this latter version much better than the sorta 'realistically' coloured one - so I deem this my final result. Hope you like her.


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