Nerd Nest (Inspirational Day #5)

Nerd Nest (Inspirational Day #5) - student project

Nerd Nest (Inspirational Day #5) - image 1 - student project

Nerd Nest (Inspirational Day #5) - image 2 - student project

Nerd Nest (Inspirational Day #5) - image 3 - student project


Nerd Nest (Inspirational Day #5) - image 4 - student project


Welcome to my universe!

What is Nerd Nest?

it is a place from my childhood
it is a place where i spent most of my childhood there

i will talk about the NerdNest's places, and interesting questions.


The Places

Wide green area

weather: normal four seasons
make the wide green area more beautiful interesting
activity: it inspires you to love life, to reconnect with human peace
the perfect time : morning


river: links the wide green area and the lake.
activity: boating



normal 4 seasons.
activity: boating and swimming.
perfect timing: any time it is beautiful and inspired


Place of unwinding:

clear weather always without clouds.
it is a place of ALL the winds to give you unwinding.
activities: unwinding, contemplation.
preferable time: before sunset.


Flying from happiness 

it is the track that connects the mountain by the wide green area

where you can do free falling from the mountain to the wide green area
makes the unwinding journey more aesthetical and complete.

it is truly represent the unwinding
and trust the free flying without fear
plus it makes you have a good journey.
perfect timing: afternoon and morning.


The district:

it is the gathering area, where the newbies can meet the people who are living and working in the NerdNest
gathering every 1 month
time: evening



clear sky always
activites: star gazing, telescoping, space travel, communicate with extraterrestrial.
you can travel to whatever your favorite planet.
you can just take an interplanetary tour.


Visitors Plan VP

it is the place for you to tell everything you like:

any suggestions
inform about any accidental issues
book the space travel
apply to join the nest's team
request to solve the puzzle
request to enter the room 33 without solving the puzzle


The nest's track

the track for running, skateboarding, jogging, walking and cycling.

it connects the nest by the outside.





this place is highly design by and for highly creative and highly intelligent people.

it is a castle filled with wide spaces rooms have the same numbers.

when you enter the nest you will be given a puzzle.

The puzzle is the key to enter the room 33.



  • you can book a session with the creator and meet him in person
  • you be able to join the nest team
  • full education in the field that you prefer you really need to grow in
  • counselling
  • you can live your fantasies by going any place you dreamed off,  you just book a room and enter the world of magic!
  • you are able to be a researcher in the field that you would like to grow in.

The puzzle

the puzzle will reveal something about you, reveals your potentials

not if you are passed it you are right and intelligent

and if you did not , you are the opposite


it reveals if you can do something, you can do many of things.

puzzle will reveals your interest your potential in solving problems and the level of adapting to different situation and environment.

and also it dive deeply inside your personality in a way that is more interesting for you to start your journey of self-discovery.



Interesting questions:

What kind of people they are in ?

intelligent people nerd in tech, science laboratory, medicine, psychology systems thinking approaches, problems solver, leaders, musicians, artists, writers.

highly creative and highly intelligent people

they have a previous experience in whatever the field they are in.

they are people who are capable to enjoy life, wild nerds, pure, hard cored people.



What if i had no experience and i want to join? 

if you did not have previous experience in any field and you think you have the ability to do that and you wanna join,
that is brave!
solve the puzzle or send your wishes up to the visitors plan VP they will make the best plan for you!




How can i enter the NerdNest ?

you do any kind of these activities nearby: running, jogging, walking, bicycling, skateboarding, driving a car nearby.

there is 2 main entrances.


no one will really feel your disappearing

it is like you choosing your dream

how much time do you like to spend, that time maybe represent an hour on the earth times 

so no worry, 



Koala Journal
Medical Intern, Illustrator, Writer