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Nerd Lyfe - Erin Denton

This class was a lot of fun. I have been working on a webcomic that is a parody of my life so I thought this would be an interesting exercise to help me sort of do the same but from a more structured perspective. I didn't want to use the same style as my comic I am working on so I tried something a little different. 

I did a few doodles before I decided on this design. I am very shy and do NOT like being the center of attention, so I wanted the design to reflect plainess and desire to not stick out. 

Drawing this character from the side was very challenging. I still don't like the way it looks but I will post it anyway for feed back :) Since this characters face itself is rather plain, I decided to try and use her hair to help convey her emotion. Despite being shy, I am actually extroverted, so I very much do want to be loud and crazy and around people. It's like good and evil in a constant battle inside myself. One thing I tend to get crazy about, is my fandoms. So for my comic I decided to make a silly rhyme about my love for The Lord of the Rings movies. (OK people put your pitchforks down, I DO read the books too.) 

In the final design I decided it needs some flat spot colors so I went for it. Please give me any and all feedback you can, I would love a contructive critique. 


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