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Earle Williams

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Nerd King

My name is Earle Williams, I hail from Cape Town, South Africa, and I am Nerd King.



Nerd King is the idea that your values, ideals, and passions are what define you as a person, and of not being afraid of the opinions or judgment of others.

It’s aimed at individuals who identify with the concept of expressing your interests through design.  With such a large scope of creative subject matter, Nerd King appeals to a broad spectrum of audience. Whether 12, 21, or 40, a good design piece can be appreciated by any gender, ethnicity, or species.

As a kid, I filled my time with playing video games, watching MacGyver, reading Goosebumps, and being a ninja turtle. Or a cowboy. Or Batman.

Then I got a little older and I wanted to draw everything I played, watched and imaginary battled.

15 years later, nothings really changed. Mario bros. is replaced by Call Of Duty, MacGyver changed to Game Of Thrones.

My experience (no gamer score) in high school art class and in varsity level design has served to strengthen my nerd force, and through my work experience and freelancing gigs, I realized; creating an empire isn’t just for rich people, and working harder than Adamantium could result in achieving my dreams, instead of me being hired to build someone else’s.

My retrenchment was the catalyst for the creation of NK. I played with the concept for the last year and a half, but only gave it life through doodling and daydreaming. Then 2013 I made the decision to pursue the creation of my brand, instead of looking for other full time employment.

It’s been hard; dreams don’t pay bills, but its life. The level is just harder, I WILL finish the stage though.Nerd King is all about promoting your nerd-ism. Over the generations, the label of nerd has changed its dynamic and is defined by the deep interest and passion we have for specific things, anything from science to fiction. The beauty of being a nerd is having that intense passion, and not caring about the judgment and opinion of others.

It’s about promoting and celebrating your uniqueness with others, about telling the world; what makes you different, is what makes you great.

The design Basis of NK is about the art. Bright, Big and Bold designs on beautifully and professionally tailored Tess and apparel.

I wanted to create work that was impactful, yet fun and different from the competition. So I did my market and trend related research and combined it with my own style and what I believe would serve to uplift the current trending. My purpose is to be able to spot an NK product from a mile away, and when seeing it up close going: “wow, that’s awesome, I must have that!”

Staying true to my own design philosophies, each piece is created with a specific style and technique. Illustrations can be treated with vibrant colours and black line, while a photography element can incorporate softer tones and grainier finishes. Each design is strong enough to live independently from its garment. A successful translation through other mediums like canvas prints and sticker decals allow for a wider range of product.

The Logo was carefully created to represent the brand as well as stand the test of time and it’s constantly changing trend dynamics.

Messing around with the concept of Legos, as well as those colourful plastic balls found in play pits largely inspired the Font.  The bold square and rectangle shapes coupled with playful oval elements signify a fun, almost toy looking tone. The Nerd King mascot immediately conveys the concept of the brand and the fact that the form is a silhouette gives the king anonymity, allowing the viewer to see him/herself as the Nerd King.

The first collection is entitled "Hex F6 : The White Collection", and features all NK designs on redefined classic white Tees. The title of the collection is based on the hex (colour) code of white (#ffffff).

The concept of the white T shirt can be likened to a blank canvas, and because the objective of NK is the expression of the design, the art becomes the Focal point.

Alot of today's fashion seem to portray the same look and feel; generic Tees with stock imagery. NK is about breaking that mould and appreciating the art behind it.

Nerdism is a vast and ever expanding subject matter, so the pieces have to cater to a broad group of consumer, and not just the trekkies and gamers of the world. The tees are custom made to create an exclusive offering to the consumer; longer length, snug fit (not tight, not too loose either), unique pattern - all these factors compliment the quality of the end product. The embroided logo encompasses the high quality end product I set out to achieve and serves as another platform to showcase the brand.

Pricing of each piece differs according to the complexity of design. Manufacturing cost of a Tee is about ZAR 60, and because printing is charged per colour, more colours mean more money. With a 150 - 200% markup, NK tess would sell between ZAR 220 - ZAR 320.

I don’t have a lot of cash, or investors, contacts, or whatever. So my range is limited for now. But that sure as hell won’t stop me from pursuing this. The hope is to extend to toys, canvas prints and a full fashion label. I will skurrel (its like hustling / putting in the grind where I’m from) and I will keep skurreling until I succeed.



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