Nera Hristova - My Author Platform


Hey everyone! Thank you, Jenna, for this comprehensive class. I have already started setting your tips into motion. I'll - totally confidently and not feeling self-conscious at all - be dropping my Twitter-Handle (@HristovaNera) and Instagram (@nerahristova) here. Anyway, let's attack this project!


Step 1: Establish Your Voice. Complete the following actions in order to determine how you're going to present yourself to your audience:

  • Who am I? Create a list of 3-5 of your most dominant positive personal traits - characteristics that make you uniquely you.

I'm Nera. I'm an overly empathetic and hilarious introvert with the loud mouth and quick wit of an extrovert. To put it in list-form, I am:




Deeply Uncool (but loving it)


  • What do I have to offer? Create a list of 1-3 services or skills you can offer to your audience. You don't have to offer all three, this is just to give you options.

From a skill perspective, I have 10+ years of theater experience (both acting and directing) and the soothing voice of a veteran ASMRtist (or so I've been told). 

From a more personal perspective, I'm a deeply shy but highly passionate person. What I love, I love deeply. I can connect to almost anyone. I can spend hours discussing the minute details of my passions and, thanks to my many years of acting experience, I'm able to draw people in. 

The weirdest (but strangely sweet?) compliment I've ever received to that end was that I'm the kind of person you'd call if your family member dies. Because "it's impossible to be sad when you're around Nera).


  • Merge 'em! Prepare a statement explaining how you plan to merge your personality and your services/skillset, thus making your author platform one of a kind.

With my distinctive voice and years of acting experience, I want to do self-narrated audiobook-snippets of both my own writing and the writing of my favorite authors. 


Step 2: Create a content game plan. Narrow down the Who, What, Where, When, and How for your platform:

  • Who is your target audience?

My target audience is women age 16 to 30 (that's why I call myself a New & Young Adult writer) who struggle to find their place and worth in this world, their family and their relationships.

I write Fantasy and Sci-Fi, however all my stories share themes of family (especially parent-child and sibling relationships), (abusive vs. healthy) romantic relationships, female friendships, responsibility vs. individuality and coming of age as an adult. 


  • What service are you offering?

I'm offering audiobook-snippets of both my own work and popular novels, ASMR for writers and a loving, supportive platform for everyone.


  • Where are you going to post your content?

I will be posting on Instagram and Twitter. I'm currently working on a website that will go online in May 2020.


  • When are you going to post your content?


On Instagram, I post every 2-3 days, on Twitter, I post short stuff daily.


  • How are you going to spread the word?

Social Media (Twitter & Instagram) and specialized Writing Communities and Forums