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Nemuri Mori

This is my mori-inspired pattern for this class! I've created a handful of patterns in the past, but they were mostly Illustrator based- I have never successfully created a hand drawn pattern. Until now, that is! :D. Feel free to post constructive criticism and/or comments, thank you!


I wanted to create an imaginary scene in the forest that reflects the ideal mori-kei lifestyle. For those who don't know, mori-kei is a Japanese street fashion where girls (and some guys) dress up in baggy, layered outfits in earthy woodsy tones. It's somewhat akin to Gothic Lolita, but this style is more natural and environmental.


The pattern was hand drawn and coloured in Photoshop. It took a while but was very rewarding. I have not done the last two steps of the class, but will upload those soon when I get around to them.

I've made this pattern available as a wallpaper for desktop and mobile devices! Do head over to my blog and get yourself one! :) Happy patterning everyone!


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