Nemo fish

Nemo fish - student project

Firstly I just want to thank you for such an inspiring class! 

I have recently started some vector drawings of our beautiful dive photos of marine life, corals, etc as I wanted to capture each of the fishes personality and their environment (the more you dive, the more detail you start to notice) so I've made a few drawings of our usual suspects (clownfish, scorpion fish, green back turtle, reef sharks, honeycomb moray to name a few). Initially I thought to use for T-shirts or cards, but this is such a fun way to illustrate these beautiful creatures and bring to life in a fun, whimsical yet informative way... 

Nemo fish - image 1 - student project

Perhaps I could put together a collection for children's books or compile an infographic of sorts... so many options available.

So my first attempt is the clownfish - 'they just always seem so unhappy and fiercely protective of their babies... Reading up some interesting facts, I now know why - nature is amazing! lol

See below... what I could do to improve this is to make the content more "hand-written"and simplify it a little, but it's a good start - I'm rather pleased with it.

Nemo fish - image 2 - student project

I chose the colours by pixelating our original photo quite a bit and picked out the colours that stood out for me the most, and keeping it complementary. And it works rather well... especially with the unique scientific fact about these clownfish...

Awesome class - thank you very much!