Neil deGrasse Tyson


I chose to make an Avatar of Neil deGrasse Tyson. Based on the above photo.

I started by building out the shape of Neil's head, chin and hair. Then moved on to capture some of his other distinct features, like his eyes and lips. After working out the eyebrows and stache, I played around with adding his upper body, but decided that wasn't really the direction I wanted to go.


After deciding on the final neck shape, I chose some colors from the original photo, and added them to the design along with some star shapes in the background.


Then I brought the image over in to Photoshop and started playing around with adding a bit of texture to his hair, to try and capture the complexity of his real hair.

Eventually I realized the the image needed more depth, so I added some colorful shapes to the right half of the image, and played around with the placement of the stars.

And after all that, we end up with the final product.



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