Allison Sheren

Founder and CEO at Neighborsations, Inc.




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1. I have these two great neighbors, but I am only friends with one of them… here’s why: when we first met we were both wearing Michigan apparel. We had a “Go Blue” moment and grew our friendship from there.

Meeting new people in life is important. Although we have plenty of online contact with people regardless of geographic location, we have lost that sense of community we crave. How come we don’t know the people who live around us beyond a smile or a wave? Neighborsations allows you to meet the neighbors you want to know and gives you an easy way to start the conversation.

Led by a founder who has almost a decade of community building experience and knows how to build a highly effective team, Neighborsations will change the way people interact with those around them enabling stronger, better communities. So find the neighbors you want to know and start your neighborsation today.

2. is the first slide in my deck


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