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Neighborhood Hero

"Neighborhood Hero is an urban clothing brand with a message of style and purpose. The name originated with the idea that we as people are all living together in the same place we call The World and that we are all sharing lives with one another which in many ways makes us all "Neighbors" and the "Hood" is wherever you're living: in any Country and any City. Lastly as for the "Hero" part the idea was to invoke a sens of pride and send a message that anyone can be a Hero; no matter what their age,ethnicity, culture or background is. Anyone in their own way can be fighting for a cause, working to help others around them or simply be trying to make it through their own struggles in life.
The logo was designed to resemble "The Boy Wonder" and Batman's' sidekick Robin symbolizing the idea of a young boy becoming a hero driven with the will to make a difference, and all of us can also make a difference...Like much in the words of Mahatma Gandhi- "You must be the change you want to see in the world." 
So with all that in mind, the brand represents something Heroic in every individual and is also simply a cool brand you can wear with style."

We printed some Tees with an older logo*


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